Our standard service consists of nail trimming, shaping, cuticle grooming, callus removing, lotion massage and polish.
Manicure $25
Pedicure $40


Our Spa Service includes nail trimming, shaping, cuticle grooming, intense callus treatment, sea salt, mask, warm towel, oil massage, and polish.
Manicure $32
Pedicure $45

Deluxe Spa

Deluxe Spa Service includes all treatments in our Spa Service plus detoxifying, exfoliating dead skin to improve circulation, cleaning and tightening pores, hydrating and soothing deep issues of your skin. Enriched products with key ingredients give your feet the nutrition they need. In addition, extra massage will be accompanied with paraffin treatment and finished with nail polish.
Manicure $40
Pedicure $55

Golden Deluxe

Our special Golden Deluxe Service is a rejuvenating process that will totally renew your skin. The Golden Deluxe includes all treatments in our Deluxe Spa Service plus, cooling gel, sugar scrub, mask, paraffin wax. Our Golden treatment is conducted with products featuring fresh orange or lime and our luxury lotions will leave your skin looking and feeling better than ever.
Manicure $45
Pedicure $60


Our Elite Treatment Service will nourish and heal your skin with organic products which remove harsh stans on your nails using the natural acid found in citrus fruits. Natural nail care will be followed up. We pay special attention to care for calluses and heel treatment and apply a dry skin exfoliation scrub to repair your skin. You will be pampered with milk and honey treatment applied to hydrate and smooth your skin: followed by a clay mask, hot towels, volcanic hot stone massage, and extensive hydrating reflexology massage. To top this luxurious treatment off, we wrap your feet up with paraffin wax to soothe your feet and relax your mind.
Manicure $50
Pedicure $70
Gel Add On $15
Gel French $20
Regular French $5
Designs $5 +


- With your choice of scents: Mango, Lavender, Lemon, Tangerine, Green Tea, Cucumber, Jasmine, Olive, Ocean Fresh, Cherry Blossom, Ginseng


Gel Full Set $55 +
Gel Fill-In $45 +
Gel French Manicure $45
Gel Dip $50
Gel Dip Full Set $60 +
Acrylic Full Set $55 +
Acrylic Fill-In $45 +


Finger Nail Polish $20
Toe Nail Polish $25
Finger Nail Gel Polish $30
Toe Nail Gel Polish $35 +
French or American $5 +
Nail Designs 10 Nails $20 & Up
Nail Designs 2 Nails $10 & Up
Paraffin Treatment $10
Cut Down $10
Nail Take Off $15
Nail Shape $5

(Almond, Coffin, Pointed)


Manicure $15 +
Pedicure $28 +
Manicure & Pedicure $40 +
Gel Add On $10
Designs $5 +


Lip $10 +
Chin $12 +
Eyebrows $15 +
Whole Face $40
Under Arms $20
Full Arms $40 +
Half Legs $35 +
Full Legs $50 +
Bikini Line $40 +
Brazilian Wax $55 +


Full Lips $350 +
Lip Liners $200
Eye Liners $250
Eyebrows $200
Ombre Eyebrows $250
Eyebrow Microblading $350


Eyelash Extension Full Set $100 +
Eyelash Extension Fill-In $50 +
Flare Eyelash Extension $45 +